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Harness the potential of Ruby on Rails to construct backend systems that are both scalable and secure, catering to the needs of both enterprises and startups.

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Empower your applications with backend systems that embody scalability, security, and agility.

As your steadfast ally in the realm of application development, we specialize in crafting scalable, high-volume solutions tailored to the needs of enterprises, SMEs, and startups alike. With our expertise, you can build robust software solutions and expedite your time-to-market, spanning diverse domains including healthcare, retail, fin-tech, media, and beyond.

What exactly is Ruby on Rails Development?

Introduced 17 years ago, Ruby on Rails emerges as an MIT-licensed, server-side framework that has propelled developers worldwide to create and deploy state-of-the-art web applications with unprecedented speed and excellence. Serving as a true pioneer, RoR continues to reshape the development landscape by introducing groundbreaking features such as seamless database table creations, migrations, and scaffolding of views, facilitating the rapid development of applications.

At Precious Infosystem, we harness the power of the Ruby on Rails framework to expedite API creation, seamlessly integrating them with JavaScript frameworks and mobile applications on the frontend. This strategic approach empowers us to achieve swift-loading and scalable frontends, reinforced by secure and scalable backends. By harmonizing these elements, we embark on a journey of rapid go-to-market while optimizing costs.

What makes Ruby on Rails a compelling choice for web development?

Benefits of using Ruby on Rails for web application development

1. Rapid Development - Speeding up the overall development process by up to 30%.

2. Elevated Code Excellence - With Ruby being a pure object-oriented programming language, web developers can effortlessly comprehend, master, write, test, and execute code. As a result, Ruby on Rails code exhibits a pristine and structured appearance.

3. MVC architecture - Embarking on the journey of web application development, the Ruby on Rails MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture takes center stage. With its ability to foster scalability, streamline code maintenance, and promote model reusability, it paves the way for effortless decoupling and hassle-free testing.

4. Conventions over configurations paradigm - Embracing this fundamental philosophy, Ruby on Rails intuitively comprehends the intentions and methodologies of our developers. By leveraging this framework, we can achieve comparable functionalities with fewer lines of code compared to other web development frameworks.

5. Test automation - Be it a website or a web application, Ruby on Rails empowers our developers to dedicate their efforts to crafting a top-notch product. With its built-in automation testing capability, your product is guaranteed to be flawless right from the beginning.

6. Active Community - For over a decade, the vibrant Ruby on Rails community has flourished, emerging as one of the most active communities on platforms like Stack Overflow and GitHub. It thrives on a global scale, hosting conferences that serve as epicenters for knowledge sharing, cementing the importance of collaboration and continual learning.

7. Cost savings - While some may argue that hosting Ruby on Rails applications is costlier than its counterparts like PHP, the truth lies in the fact that it is not the server cycles that incur the significant expense. Rather, it is the time invested in development that represents the true cost, particularly for most startups.

Ruby On Rails Development services offered by Precious Infosystem

  • Ruby on Rails Consulting
  • Custom Web App Development
  • API Development
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Ruby on Rails Migration
  • Enterprise Modernization
  • Startup MVPs
  • Refactoring

why choosing Precious Infosystem for Ruby on Rails is a wise decision?

Rich Expertise:

Ruby on Rails is deeply ingrained in our DNA, as we have been crafting applications with it since our inception. Our proficiency extends to both startup ventures and enterprise solutions. We have fostered long-term partnerships with numerous successful businesses, with our applications revolutionizing industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, marine, and more.

Test-Driven Development:

We prioritize the quality of the code we deliver, along with speed and agility. To ensure this, we employ Test-Driven Development methodologies utilizing frameworks like RSpec and FactoryGirl. By automating test cases, we save invaluable time during regression testing and offer seamless project transitions even when new team members come onboard.

Scalable Development:

The applications we build using Ruby on Rails cater to millions of customers within the startup and enterprise ecosystem. We emphasize scalability and security from the project's inception, recognizing that simply relying on larger servers won't solve all challenges. Our approach involves optimizing queries and architecting systems that can seamlessly scale according to the product's evolving requirements.

Automation Tools:

To streamline our testing and deployment processes, we leverage Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration (CD/CI) tools such as CircleCI and Jenkins. This enables us to truly embrace agility, making multiple deployments per week rather than limiting ourselves to monthly releases. Additionally, we utilize various tools to enforce best practices, including linters for code quality and security vulnerability scanners to fortify the reliability and robustness of the product.

Agile Development:

At Precious Infosystem, we wholeheartedly embrace Agile development practices, allowing us to swiftly respond to user feedback. We foster regular standup meetings, sprint planning and retrospectives, frequent demos, and an open exchange of ideas. Through active communication between our developers, clients, and managers, we enhance collaboration and optimize time management, ensuring efficient and effective project execution.